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    I loved the Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday. I thought the whole smoke beats lasers, debris clouds beats rockets thing worked very well strategically and added a bit more tactics into the games.

    1) Any chance of a futuristic setting down the pipeline? (No idea who owns the Buck Rogers Rights)

    2) Why in it or the sequel (Can’t remember which) did it end with “Hip Hip Hooray!” and a DOS prompt or is that just how I remember it?



    SSI was also responsible for some terrific sci-fi games including: Buck Rogers, Galactic Adventures, Star Command, and The Warp Factor.

    We wanted to focus on Seven Dragon Saga and a fantasy setting initially. However, the idea of a futuristic or sci-fi is something we’d certainly like to explore at a later date.


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    Wasn’t your imagination, Matrix Cubed ends with Buck Rogers saying ‘Let’s go home!’ and it kicks you out to the DOS prompt.

    They should have let you go back and wander around and engage in minor fights, like POR, SSB, POD, COK, DKK, DQK, GSF, and TSF.



    I was a huge fan of the Buck Rogers games too. Loved the combat, and I felt that the skillful use of smoke and chaff made up a bit from the tactics lost (compared to the other Goldbox games) from not having magic. Absolutely loved the ship combat too!

    And yeah, Matrix Cubed’s ending was quite abrupt. Out of any of the series, it took be the longest to beat Matrix Cubed, and the sudden ending was brutal when I finally reached it. Also, did anyone else manage to save scot.dos? I never did, and was always so sad when he died. His death has always been one of the most memorable deaths in a videogame for me, particularly because I knew I could have saved him if I had spent my skill points better. Tragic.

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