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    I am not sure if any of you remember a game called Earth and Beyond. There were many good aspects to the game but in the end it lacked enough content to keep interest at the higher levels.

    However, the reason I mention it is that there were three distinct XP lines to accumulate. Combat, Explore and I believe the third was Trade. Some character/classes were better suited to one of the three and therefore was easier for them to advance in that XP line (a kind of specialist). If you grouped up with a different class, you could get advantages in accumulating one of the other XP lines at a better rate.

    If you maxed out on one of your XP lines, the excess could be spilled over to one of the others that your class was not as good at.

    I mention this because the multiple XP lines was a great feature for when you logged in to do solo work or to group up. When soloing, you might restrict yourself to tasks that advanced your specialty XP line and when you were grouped, you focused on other XP lines. With an ability to spill over XP from one line to another when you wanted (at a slight penalty) could allow people to advance in a secondary XP line as they choose. Your total XP for the character would be the accumulation of all XP lines and therefore determine your advancement level (or whatever mechanism you use for advancement).

    For example: The class that was good at explore, gained explore experience from helping others discover new areas whether they themselves had been there before or not. The percentage for helping others was lower than you would get for exploring the place for the first time on your own (but it was a way to accumulate additional explore experience).

    The XP lines could be quite different from what they were in Earth and Beyond. Whatever might make sense for the mix of classes that would be available (or mix of skills a character has if there are no classes).

    Multiple XP lines can help in what might be called balancing across various classes/skills. Some characters that are not so good at fighting on their own may be better at advancing their XP in something other than combat (or spill over to the combat XP from another line). Allows choice in the way you want to approach things depending on the class/skills you pick for your character.

    I am a great fan of developing the character. As well, I like to try out all classes/skills. In some games where combat XP is king, this can end up really slowing down the rate of advancement for some classes. Multiple lines of advancement can ease this issue and make all classes/skills attractive in some fashion.

    I guess that I have babbled enough.

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