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    Pedro Q.

    Hi guys! Just wondering if you could talk a bit about the Dark Sun series? I loved both games, finishing the first (that final battle!!!) but not the second one (that had great potential).

    Thanks, and looking forward to seeing that kickstarter! 🙂



    Darksun was a shift for SSI, finally deciding the Gold Box engine had completed its successful run. TSI was also interested in getting into worlds with a different feel, perhaps to broaden their audience. So we geared up for an entirely new engine, investigated console development, and charged into the unknown. The Brom art was a fantastic change, moving from the 80s style of Forgotten Realms.

    So, with all the hiccups one expects with moving from sequels to original development, we were able to put out a product we were happy with. Strains related to this game and the changing market did lead to SSI being sold, and moving out of publishing.



    One of my favorite games of all time. Very sad that it led to the sale of SSI and the end of a fantastic era, but I am glad it came out. I still love the Dark Sun world.



    Dark Sun’s a favorite of mine too.


    Pedro Q.

    When you compare the combat engine of DS with the combat engine in the Gold Box games, do you conclude anything in terms of dos/don’ts etc? They are both excellent engines imo!

    And… who devised that final combat in DS1? 🙂



    Easily my favourite game of all-time. Better than anything I’ve ever played. I don’t even want to share the number of hours I put into this game.

    I’ve been dying for this game to come on GOG. Seriously, it’s just so… perfect.

    Didn’t care for sequel (very glitchy on my PC when I bought it), but the original one was the perfect game.


    You can still buy the original games on ebay i.e. ! I got them in their original box 🙂
    Yes, it was a great game, but when thinking of Dark Sun, Al-Qadim comes also into my mind, which I found also a very nice game, if anyone remembers this one!



    I also enjoyed these a lot. Well the first one. I remember having to get a new copy because the CDROM died. Very enjoyable progression and the final battle I knew was coming but was still very hard!.

    Now the second game I got also, but All i remember of it .. it was very buggy. I dont think I progressed that far because I got stuck in some underground location and the game get crashing. Sad.

    Never played the Al Qadim one.

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