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    I tried to post this on the page with the blog update, but my browser said “Page Not Found” when I pressed Submit Comment.

    So anyway – my reactions to the update!

    First, I continue to love the art style. Even this brief glimpse of local architecture is very culturally evocative.

    UI looks clean, stylish, and functional. I like what I’m hearing about scaling the text window. Will the action bar support hotkeys? Maybe 1 through 0 and shift-1 through shift-0? Unnecessarily forcing mouse clicking is a no-no in my book.

    I’m already a little confused by the coding of actions. Big, medium, little? All the buttons appear to be the same size. Gold, white, grey, black? That’s four colors. Please unify the jargon on this.

    Finally, I like the character avatars I’m seeing, but this seems like a good time to request support for custom portraits. Unless your art budget is much higher than other games have, I’m sure there simply won’t be enough with all the different PC races available. I should be able to choose a character’s race and gender and then have at least 10 appropriate portraits to choose from … most games provide just two for each race/gender, and then a few more for humans. Let us import our own stuff if we like. And don’t worry, we understand image transparency and can make art that “floats” well over your backgrounds and will work with the cool backlit effect on the currently selected PC 🙂



    Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    The icons are going to be color coded, with the action type Unique (most attack, the ‘biggest’), Standard (common for movement, ‘medium’), Minor (readying/changing weapons, fast abilities like turning invisible, ‘small’), and a fourth for free actions (some uncommon, really small stuff).

    Hot Keys, of course, and customizable. 0-9, shift-0-9, possibly F Keys. Alphabet keys for bringing up different UI, etc. With free camera, we may limit real time movement to mouse input, rather than deal with WASD, though we will run some tests.

    We are looking to allow customizing of the figure, and hope to derive the portrait from the customized 3D model. So if you alter skin tones, hair color, hair style, and face, you will see it both on the model and in the portraits. As you might guess, this customizing portion is a lower priority at this point in development. We have the base models set up to accept such changes, but no art or engineering devoted to that yet.

    The idea of importing 2D portraits by players is an interesting one, and I’ll float it by the team. Since the game is single player and small group co-op, we don’t have to worry if you are putting up questionable images.



    This addresses all my mentioned concerns and more 😀 Thanks for the reply!

    Love the idea of the portraits being derived from customized models! That sounds even better than trying to import custom art to match a concept. Usually you’ll have the ability to make a custom model, but only have a few premade 2d portraits that look nothing like them to choose from (cf. Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity). If you guys pull this off, it will be worthy of several fist-pumps.

    Thanks again. Behind you guys all the way on 7DS.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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