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    TSI Games

    Have a question, comment or idea about Seven Dragon Saga? Post it here!



    I’m in.

    So can you provide any more details on the interface or mechanics?

    First person exploration? Step or smooth scrolling? Overhead tactical map? Grid/Hex based tactical map? Magic and abilities cooldown/usage based or action point based? Etc.



    Won’t have much of that until we see some real information and media laid out for us. Can’t wait!


    Banzai Cat

    Despite their age (and mine), I still like to try to play a Gold Box-type title every now and then. I had success with the Buck Rogers series recently, but it didn’t work well even on my older desktop.

    I guess what I’m getting at is I’m happy to see TSI post that this is an update to the Gold Box titles and can’t imagine it’s easy to make this both appealing to us older gamers that grew up with Pool of Radiance and its follow-ons (including Buck Rogers!), and at the same time, make it something that younger gamers will enjoy too.

    What similarities will there be to the Gold Box titles? I’m honestly hoping they’re more similar than dissimilar, but that’s just me.


    Darn Ragnar

    For me one of the joys of playing the Gold Box titles was stepping into a setting I already loved. I don’t know if this is possible but it would be great if at some stage there was a ‘lite’ version of the pen & paper RPG system released. Something we could get our teeth into and get to understand the underlying mechanics even before the game is released.



    From the background information I read about the SDS pen and paper system, it looked interesting. I would like to see those mechanics implemented in the cRPG version. Looking forward to hear more about the lore/setting.

    The Gold Box engine is iconic, there hasn’t been anything like it since. Let’s hope the developers sieze the opportunity to re-create something magical.

    Washington Irving
    Washington Irving

    Other than Unity, are you licensing tech from anyone? e.g. Obsidian / inXile’s adaptation thereof.



    I am a bit confussed, I thought the game will be released today and that the counter was on the web page for this reason. Also I expected gameplay content on the web page. Can someone kindly answer to the following questions about the game:
    What is the release date for Linux ?
    When can I see more game content on the web page, like videos of gameplay ?
    How much will the game cost ?
    Will you sell the game in Europe/Slovenia ?
    Will you delay the Linux release and first launch the game for Windows ?

    let that be it for now,

    Kind regards



    Miss the days of Gold Boxes… looking forward to seeing what you do.



    Firstly, thank you for coming by and sharing your enthusiasm for what we’re doing. We’ll be putting together a FAQ and sharing more details about our work in the days ahead.

    We know there will be a few bugs, so please bear with us as we smooth everything out for a better experience.

    The TSI Team

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    I recently replayed PoolRad.

    Something I noticed immediately was the interaction between the party and the Random Encounters.
    You could Talk, run, fight, wait etc. Then in combat the baddies would often surrender or run when you were trouncing them.

    I am hoping that some of that depth of thought will make it into any future games. Have thoughts around that sort of “non combat” functionality made a return?



    I need to go play poolrad again. It’s been a very long time.

    Trying to level enough to get fireball before going to the island.

    Cursing that freaking basilisk in the library.

    Good times.


    Null Null

    The basilisk? Buy a mirror!

    So…you need 22,501 XP. This is pretty hard and requires completing many missions. However, areas that give a lot of XP with relatively little trouble include:

    The treasure corner in the NW corner of the Slums
    Kovel Mansion (you can get pretty far with Sleep and Hold Person spells)
    The skeleton and zombie spectres in Valhingen Graveyard (you may want to save beforehand to make sure you don’t get drained)
    Yarash (this one isn’t that easy, but they will give you a huge amount of money for completing this mission)
    The Lizardmen Keep (if you do this one after Yarash, you will only have to fight one lizardman)

    Good luck!



    I’m really glad to see the veterans of SSI coming back into the spotlight. It’s especially good to see that we’re getting games like the ones that us old timers grew up loving! Here at my house we lament the lack of older style gaming every so often, remarking that we’d love to see games like the old Silver Blades and Pool of Radiance coming back.
    So from my home, I want to say a thank you to the devs here for bringing back games for those of us who really liked that style, and I wish the company a long and prosperous life.



    We’re definitely compiling a lot of notes about what people liked best about the old games. Obviously, some of the key elements about tactical, turn based combat are very clear. Other aspects such as the non-combat opportunities are indeed areas we’re looking at very closely.

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