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    I hope non-combat opportunities includes how exploration is handled. This includes the first person window, as well as overland map travel. Both are distinctive to the old Gold Box experience. There has been a bit of a let down in expectations when it was dropped that exploration will be in 3rd person. I don’t know if that is decision based on commercial viability and making something that would appeal to a modern audience. Might & Magic X used the Unity engine and was a first-person perspective dungeon crawler. Grimrock was also first person. A lot of folks would be pleased with that mode, and then switching to top down turn-based combat like Divinity: Original Sin. Just to use a couple of recent RPG releases as a reference.

    Something to consider.

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    Washington Irving
    Washington Irving

    I prefer the view to be 3rd person… Dark Sun had the right idea 🙂



    I have no problem going with the Dark Sun approach. They were both excellent games. But fans of the Gold Box series will need to temper their expectations, moving forward. We’re all just itching for the next round of details and information!


    There’s no games out of all the new cRPGs that have 1st person exploration with the overhead/isometric TB combat, right ?

    It would be a great way to stay with the Gold Box tradition while also differentiating it from the rest ! Of course, I can get also get down with 3rd person exploration & TB combat (Dark Sun/ToEE style) too though. It’s really all about the content, systems and execution.

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    Hi all,
    Hi TSI Team !

    So, as asked, I will give my opinion, sorry if sometimes I use “we” instead of “I” 😉
    Just to set the context, I’m 42 years old and I started playing RPG on computer at ~12

    What I love(d) in Gold Box :
    – there is a story, with NPCs
    – there are lots of interesting battles (spell casters, archers, reinforcement, monsters with different abilities like fear, paralyze, drain level, regeneration, …)
    – the turn-based system
    – the level up system
    – the 2D iconic system
    – the 1st person system for dungeons exploration
    – the simple global view system for overland maps exploration
    – the “Champion” level, as it was sometimes really challenging (hum… last combat chain in POD…)
    – games were not as nice as today, but I dislike any new game as they are empty shells, what were not old school games like GoldBox, Ultima, Bard’s Tale, … (I started playing on Apple 2E…)

    What would be nice :
    – be as close as possible to original GoldBox
    – keep turn-based for all (also both battles and exploration)
    – keep 2D iconic battles (do not listen people who ask nice 3D Real-Time graphics, there are already so many games that offer this, as said before by another on this thread, keep GoldBox originality)
    – keep a D&D-like races/classes/level-up system (better would be MERP or Rolemaster, but it’s a dream : also set points in capacities, and obtain an OB/DB system for battles, letting player adjust how much he wants to put in attack and how much in defense)
    – keep a D&D-like spell system
    – do not lose time making nice sprites in 3D with nice animations, etc… it is time consuming for you and many gamers will prefer that you focus on game playing : we don’t need a new Baldur’s Gate or Temple of Elemental Evil (wonderful games, but not as amazing as GoldBox !)
    – add the possibility to mod it (as much parameters as possible), I think this is the future for games : allow people to mod games themselves in order to make it perfectly suitable
    – raise level limitation (40 in POD was still frustrating)
    – add some enigma (have a look at Ultima III / IV / V for ideas)

    To sum up : make exactly the same games as GoldBox with following enhancements :
    – modding capabilities
    – user friendly interface
    – eventually some new nice scenario, long and difficult
    – eventually add possibility to build a party, at least of 6 (minimum of minimum!), better 7 or 8 (even up to 10 would be very nice)

    I’m sure I forgot many things…

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    I agree with just about every point Vorondir made.

    I just started playing Champions of Krynn, which I never actually played before. One major thing I miss about the old days is being able to play so quickly/intuitively with just the keyboard, generally with one hand.

    As a now middle aged man with a toddler running around, this is huge. A “first letter hotkey” based interface seems to be a thing of the past, but it’s a thing of beauty.

    1. Purely turn based, including exploration mode (regardless of 1st/3rd person).
    2. Possible to play quickly/intuitively with keyboard alone.

    In all honesty, I’d pay $50 for a game built on an engine virtually identical to the last GBG, like Dark Queen, only optimized for higher resolution.

    I just picked up the Kender and the Knight in Throtl (I knew that first fighter was a liar right away and killed him). Wish me luck, I’m off in search of Caramon.


    I would love to see a more “modern” world map. Not just a static 2D map but something that feels more alive.
    A 3D world map with animated elements like clouds drifting by, animals roaming around, waves crashing to the shore, weather and day/night. Also I would love for this world map to have some functionality. For example that you can see encounters that you can engage or flee from or that you can discover secrets while travelling.

    Something that looks like this:

    3D world map

    Or something that is similar to the world map of the Neverwinter Nights 2 addon Storm of Zehir:

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    I like those for an Overland map. In fact, when Obsidian did theirs for SoZ, along with the smaller minimilist towns (ony few locations accesible through a context menu), they were borrowing heavily from the Gold Box games.

    It is interesting to see where modern developers were influenced by SSI, and now the original designers get to showcase their own vision based on systems they are familiar with.

    Obviously the closer Seven Dragon Saga can get to the Gold Box standard, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

    Washington Irving
    Washington Irving

    +1 to Chaos Chronicles map 🙂
    In fact if you can somehow save or salvage CC you’d be my heroes.



    then, TSI should summon Peter Ohlmann aka hobgob 42



    Just posted a video up on my Youtube channel promoting you guys. Hope it will draw in more SSI / Gold-Box RPG Fans. (Classic Contagious Gaming)



    Just a quick note to thank all of you for the continued patience and support as we work away behind the scenes. Things are moving ahead and we do appreciate all the feedback. 🙂

    The TSI team



    Digitally Downloaded posted a very good interview with David Shelley. You guys should get that posted on your facebook page, and maybe in the news section.



    On the game webpage, under “harness the power of the six” there’s previews of some of the characters you can make. Overall, they look great, but the give the impression that each race is locked into the class shown. I hope that’s not the case, and that you could make a dwarf wizard, pitfighter, etc, and not have all dwarves be knights.

    If this isn’t the case, hopefully an update to the site/FAQ will make it clear that you will have the flexibility to make a wide array of character types.

    mr coffee
    mr coffee

    David Shelley and Laura Bowen discuss the game on Matt Chat.

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