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    Going forward with a plan for future funding, would David Shelley ever consider making his Seven Dragon Saga website for the pen and paper game available to the public? Even if it is not going to be a literal adaptation in the computer version, this does seem to be the foundation for the lore and gameplay mechanics. You were also offering the pen and paper version as one of the rewards in a higher tier. I think people would be interested in seeing the underlying game you designed, much as how the Gold Box games built upon the established AD&D rule set. It is something concrete that people can sink their teeth into.

    It would have been helpful if some of us who supported this project fully, could have pointed to the 7DS website and show others the type of game you were intending to make. Some of the criticism from the earliest days of the kickstarter campaign was not knowing enough about the background of Seven Dragon Saga.

    From what I saw back in August/September when the web site was visible (perhaps unintentionally) you have a solid foundation to build on. It certainly got me excited for the game. I think having details about the pen and paper setting would be another arrow in your quiver for generating buzz about the cRPG project.



    David is determining the timing of that, figuring the initial introduction of both the computer game and the PnP game simultaneously could be confusing — and would mean providing responses in two web sites, and the KS page. I’m glad there is interest in it, and we’ll let you know when its unlocked.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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