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    Allo everyone!

    I am here to nudge the developers to do a kickstarter. The time is right. With the success of Divinity 1 & 2, Torrent, Wasteland and many others, I believe it’s time to try again. I come check this site once in a while but there are no recent updates! For shame! The hype train is not built overnight but over time. Please reconsider doing a kickstarter and I give you permission to use my nickname Daerithus on the main page. Maybe write Daerithus approved or something like that. 😛 hehe



    I would love to hear from TSI on their progress. Of course I would back a new Kickstarter and would hype my friends about it, yet a Kickstarter is not something to be plunged into without a lot of planning and groundwork. Certainly, there have been worthy project that failed a first KS and then came back and nailed it the second time. It’s definitely doable.

    In any case, I’m still looking forward to 7DS. Hope to hear something soon!

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    Bad idea, Kickstarter for video games don’t work as well as it did a few years ago.
    Fig would clearly be a better choice for a crowdfunding campaign.

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