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    For some reason, the Gold Box games, as well as SSI’s other D&D titles, are unavailable for sale nowadays on sites such as GOG.com. This despite the fact that other D&D titles, such as the Infinity Engine games, are available there and have been for some time.

    That raises the question as to whether there is some kind of licensing entanglement here. We know that Ubisoft purchased the SSI brand name in 2001. They even used it to sell a (rather poor) D&D computer game by the name of Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor.

    Could it be that Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro aren’t legally allowed to sell SSI’s D&D games? Note that a few years back Hasbro was in a similar predicament with Atari, who held the license to develop D&D computer games in the 2000s. They eventually managed to wrangle the rights back from them, though.

    So, I was wondering if any of the SSI veterans at TSI have any idea about this. I’ve tried contacting people at both Ubisoft about Hasbro about this, but they haven’t been forthcoming.



    Our understanding is that SSI became part of Ubisoft in 2001. Regarding the specifics of the D&D license, that does require WotC/Hasbro’s approval.

    We, along with all of the fans, would love to see the Gold Box games be made available on GOG.com or some other outlet(s).

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    I see.

    Well, you might want to move this post to your new SSI forum.



    They are all in one brand DnD’s, as parent company and the both shareholder of the game. This tricky because it looks Gold Box holds its own.


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