Forming TSI: Tactical Simulations Interactive

Forming TSI: Tactical Simulations Interactive

TSI started out as a dream.  A dream many of you seem to share. It’s the return of a company you could depend upon to consistently deliver a meaningful RPG experience.  While there are many classic RPG franchises and several talented studios, SSI and the Gold Box games delivered, time and again, a new adventure using the same type of compelling, tactical experience.  You knew exactly what you were getting: proven technology, a great system/setting, and strategic, party-based combat. Our company, TSI, was formed in that same spirit.  While we’ve quietly been working for several months, it’s still early in the overall scheme of things, so please be patient as we role out assets and additional details for what we have planned.  We are thrilled to finally be able to share information about our company and our projects.


  1. I just want to tell you good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  2. I can’t tell you how much money I had to pay in long distance phone calls to SSI’s hotline to glean any information at all about upcoming games from SSI in the old days. From the first Normandy on the c64(with cassette no less) to the last it was your games that spent the most time on whatever storage medium was current. Welcome back.

  3. Always liked your old catalog of games!

  4. Many thanks for the thousands of childhood hours I put into these SSI Gold Box titles. I played them on a COMMODORE 64, then 128. Then, the prize. A Commodore AMIGA, the World’s First Multitasking home computer. Man, them were the days!

  5. Cool. very excited to see the rebirth of a company that made my favourite games of all time. The gold box games were the main reason why I brought my first computer for $3000 back in 1989.It certainly wasn’t for working on spread sheets etc. I saw pools of radiance on a friends computer and had to play it for my self. I always hoped someone would either remake or do a new game in the same way and style so I wish you all the best and I will be following with interest to see what you come up with. There is absolutely a market for this type of game as many of us who played the originals in our 20s are now heading towards our 50s and still gaming and loving our cRPGs.

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