How TSI Games Evolved

How TSI Games Evolved


TSI is a new enterprise.  Naturally, there are a lot of questions including “what took you guys so long”?

Honestly, it took time for the industry to mature and for us to find the resources.  Three things had to happen:

1. The technology and costs had to allow for the opportunity to make sense.  The shift from PC to consoles was a contributing factor to SSI being sold, as was, PC RPG’s falling out of vogue for publishers.  However, digital distribution and terrific tools like Unity3D have lowered the barrier to create quality games.

2. There needed to be a clear demand.  Reaction to titles like “Legend of Grimrock” and “Wasteland 2” has demonstrated that there IS an interest for classic RPG gameplay.

3. Getting a passionate team together was vital.  Like many of you, David Klein grew up playing SSI games on his Apple IIe (then AppleIIGS/Amiga2000/PC). David’s the one that raised an initial round of funding, and then set out to create a company that could recapture the classic games he loved to play. He sought out David Shelley, a lead designer on many of SSI’s games, to lead the design on TSI’s first project. David Shelley was part of a close circle of alumni friends, and he brought in Paul Murray, an engineer and designer of Wizard’s Crown, Eternal Dagger, many Gold Box games, as well as, the Panzer General series.  Every member of the team is excited about creating a compelling experience. We’re fortunate to have several former SSI members and other artists and engineers contributing to the ground work for Seven Dragon Saga, a classic RPG for the modern age


  1. I heard RPG kickstarters who blow the timing of their announcement turn out good in the end

  2. In section 2, I don’t think that one can omit the relevant success of Pillars of Eternity, given that the Infinity Engine games were essentially trying to maintain the spirit of the Goldbox games. A good proportion of that fanbase will certainly translate into interest in your new projects.

    The creation of TSI is fantastic news for RPG fans and I can’t wait to hear and read more.

  3. I wish you all well. I am a long time fan of your prior games. I almost never see anyone mention Wizard’s Crown but I found the character system to be far better than anything else out there. I also appreciated the ability to clear an area of monsters out after repeated exploration.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create. I still fondly recall the Gold Box games, and replay them every now and then. Also, as another example of modern gamers loving classic gameplay updated with modern sensibilities, graphics and capabilities, see “Divinity: Original Sin”.

  5. I’ve already sent multiple e-mails to the staff and have been delighted with the responses. Paul Murray and Keith Brors, you guys are my heroes for sure for making Wizard’s Crown and Eternal Dagger, my favorite game(s) of all time. I really can’t wait to see how this pans out. Good luck and long live TSI.

  6. Absolutely my all time Favorite RPG PC games I have ever plated were the “goldbox” AD&D games. I’m very excited about your company and your future plans. I warn you now…my expectations are quite high.

    On a side note, if you need any writers for your game fiction, let me know. It’s a hobby of mine and I’ve been told I should do it for a living.

    Good luck to TSI!

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