Officially open for business!

We’ve had a few hiccups on the social media side of things, but the majority of the team has been heads down on the game itself. We are hoping our site will offer content and greater context that will give you an idea of what we are all about at TSI. We encourage you to offer your input so, we don’t just make a game we love but one that you’ll be thrilled about as well.

As gamers ourselves, we check out a bunch of game forums and see most of the comments. People
have every right to wonder what kind of game we’re making and share their feelings about what
they want AND expect.

Our new website is up with our own forums, so now, you have a dedicated place to engage with
the team at TSI and other fans excited about the old school RPG’s we’re making. Keep in mind,
we’re not a large team, currently, therefore, community management is something we’ll be ramping up over time. We do, however, have a vision of where we want to go, a plan to get there and a path we’re taking. Your input is important to us and we hope you’ll be patient as we strive our utmost, to deliver. Seven Dragons Saga is an original IP: we’re an independent studio that doesn’t have to answer to a publisher or anyone else. The only thing we have to do, is meet our own high standards for a quality game and keep building on that experience to deliver the kind of games you want to play.

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