Jigsaw Storytelling

Jigsaw Storytelling

What follows is the Narrative Design method that I aim to apply to Seven Dragon Saga, and every other RPG I work on for that matter.

Jigsaw Storytelling

kigsaw baking

In a nutshell, Jigsaw Storytelling involves the baking of lots of little narrative goodies that a player ‘consumes and digests’ in any order.  In this way, we whet the players appetite for story without cramming it down their throats in ‘storytelling sessions’…like this.

Yes, we’re throwing traditional plot structure out the window.  No ‘Hero’s Journeys’ here!  What we get in return is a ‘Story Experience’ rather than a ‘Story Telling’.

Here’s what I mean in much more detail…

The Jigsaw Storytelling Prezi

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  1. yic17

    I wonder if this game will have any type of party interaction? Will your 6 characters be able to converse with one another? Since you create and control all your characters, that seems unlikely to happen. This will make it difficult to form any bond between party members. =(

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